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No mater whether its a cheap stair carpet, cheap rugs, bedroom carpet or even a cheap carpets remnants we will have something for you.

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Cheap Carpets UK

There are many types of carpet available made from various materials. Berber carpet made from polypropylene are probably the best value cheapest carpets out there but although hard wearing they are rough to the touch however this can be offset with a cheap underlay. These are bleach cleanable and come in many designs and colors. There are also wool and wool blend Berbers available but these are not popular any more. We dont recommend the wool Berber carpets as they are overpriced and have a tendency to pill, pull and fade. You can get a better carpet at the same or cheaper cost so avoid cheap wool Berber carpets.

Cheap Vinyl Flooring UK

Vinyl flooring has improved a great deal in recent years and is now a popular alternative to cheap laminate flooring. Cheap vinyl flooring is ideal for a quick easy drastic make over to any room. Its waterproof very easy to clean and providing your floor is flat and smooth quite hard wearing. Top end vinyl are extremely durable and will last for years. The key with cheap vinyl flooring is the floor its layed on. Its worth screeding in the case of concrete and tiled sub floors and ply boarding in the case of floorboards.

Cheap carpets uk
Cheap Carpets UK Ebay

Cheap stair carpets UK

The hall and stairs are usually the first and last thing that you see. Its easy to create a warm and impressive feature of stairs Depending on the size of these area area the stairs carpet can be quite cheap. Cheap stairs carpets an be tricky to fit so its best to get a cheap carpet fitter UK to fit the carpet for you.

Cheap rugs UK

Machine Made Rugs mean that cheap rugs are readily available in many sizes and designs. Machine made cheap rugs usually last 10-20 years depending in quality. These are the cheapest rugs in the UK and are more or less disposable. A fast effective way to enhance your home.

Indoor outdoor carpet
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